We have blogged previously about the work of Lady Julia Carew. Her embroideries cover a number of chairs at Hartlebury Castle.

The embroideries are delicate and beginning to show their age. We are very pleased that volunteers from the City of Worcester and Malvern Hills branches of the National Decorative & Fine Arts Society (NADFAS) – CoWDFAS and MHDFAS – have agreed to create replica covers.



The first stage of the process involved volunteer photographer, Len Slack. Len took high resolution photographs of each chair cover in situ. The collages above show details from Len’s photography.

Above is a single image prepared by Len. This isolates the cover from its surroundings. The damage to the cover from years of use is obvious.

The NADFAS volunteers will work from these reference images. They will use coloured wools carefully chosen to match the original colours. As the exposed colours are faded, the colours are matched to the unfaded reverse of each embroidered cover. The replicas will be used to cover the chairs. The originals will be displayed in a way that is sensitive to their more delicate condition.

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