Two of our volunteers have hidden a geocache in the grounds of Hartlebury Castle.

Over to Jane and Vicky to tell you all about it >

Not sure what geocaching is? It is a treasure hunt in which geocachers use GPS devices or smartphones to navigate to places where other geocachers have placed a cache. Often a plastic box with a log book, some trinkets and possibly a ‘trackable’ travelbug which has been given a mission by its owners. When a geocacher finds a cache they log their visit in the log book, exchange a trinket or take a trackable if they wish. They also log their visit on the geocaching website so the cache owner to see how often the cache has been visited and where the visitors came from.

By placing a cache in the grounds of Hartlebury Castle we hope to encourage a few more explorers to venture up the drive.

We have already had a small number of visitors. One successful geocacher wrote on the online log:

“Had to go to Webb’s at Wychbold this afternoon so called in here on the way back. Haven’t visited the castle since my cousin had her wedding reception here a long time ago. It’s just started to pour down so will return for a good look around another day. Thank you for putting this out and for bringing us back to this great location.”

In time we hope to report that the cache has attracted visitors from further afield.

Geocaching is a free international pastime. It is pursued by individuals, families and groups across the world. Often caches are placed to encourage people to discover a particular place or point of interest.  Geocaching has taken us to some amazing places that we would otherwise never have found. 

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Happy hunting!
Jane & Vicky

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