Today, Jenny, one of our fabulous gardening volunteers did a huge amount of work tidying the line where the Carriage Circle grass meets the tarmac. It is a huge improvement and anyone who feels strong enough to continue the work will be cherished!

The work involves cutting a line in the grass with a half-moon lawn edger at the point where the grass changes colour and texture as it invades the tarmac (anything between a few inches and a good foot) then, shoving the edger on its side under the grass between the tarmac and the cut line, and lifting it.  It comes away quite easily most of the time. It’s important to watch that you keep a straight(ish) line and a string marker is useful unless you have a very accurate eye.  It does mean a lot of squatting or kneeling.

Just the other side to finished now!

Alison (HCPT Vice president and Volunteer Coordinator)

If you would like to volunteer as a gardener please email Alison Brimelow.

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