Every Castle needs a cannon

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May 112016

Philip Serrell bought a cannon at an auction in the BBC antiques programme Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. Last Wednesday he brought the cannon to the Castle. We thought it would look splendid in the Carriage Circle, so it was a surprise when we saw it!

Ced one of our expert volunteers did a quick repair job and now the Hartlebury Castle cannon is in full working order as a starting gun!Volunteer Ced and the Castle Cannon


Become part of the future of Hartlebury Castle

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May 102016

Join the people who are helping preserve Hartlebury Castle for future generations

We are offering the opportunity to sponsor a flagstone in Hartlebury Castle’s Great Hall. There are over 300 flagstones in the Great Hall, we know because we have counted them all! 200 people have already claimed their flagstone. See  your name or that of a loved one recorded for posterity.

Bookbinder, Rodney Hobbs has made a beautiful book in which our expert Calligrapher will write the name(s). Once complete the book will be on permanent display in the Castle. You will be able to visit and see your name, or the names of your loved one(s), children or grandchildren. The names will be there for years to come as a record of your generosity to Hartlebury Castle.

flagstone steve (4)

A donation of £5 or more will secure your flagstone. If you would like to donate please telephone the Castle on 01299 250416.

flagstone steve (5)

flagstone steve (1)

The photographs shows our sponsor Steve’s family locating and standing on their flagstones. Want to know more? See our short video on YouTube.

When building work on the Castle is complete in 2017 we will invite everyone who has sponsored a stone to join us for a picnic in the Carriage Circle. Afterwards we will take a celebratory have a photo taken of everyone standing on their flagstone in the Great Hall.



Helping out at Hartlebury Castle

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Apr 132016

The Worcester and Malvern Decorative and Fine Arts Societies Heritage Volunteers are helping out at Hartlebury Castle by creating faithful replicas of our embroidered chair covers.
Nadfas Needlework at Hartlebury Castle

Nadfas Needlework at Hartlebury Cstle-2

Nadfas Needlework at Hartlebury Cstle-1

If you visit the Castle you will find the volunteers at work on most Wednesdays throughout the summer.

To learn more about the embroideries, see our previous blog about the work of Lady Julia Carew.


See our volunteers recreate embroideries for Hartlebury Castle

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Mar 172016

Making the first stitch…

“Every bride should be able to cross stitch her own stair carpet”, said Lady Julia Crew, who married Sir Robert Carew of Castleboro House, Ireland in 1888. History does not relate if she did so, but she did go on to become one of the “Best Embroideresses in Society” according to the Royal School of Needlework, who designed the wall hangings that she made for their Irish home.

Lady Julia Carew

Lady Julia Carew at work

How Lady Julia Carew’s embroideries came to Hartlebury Castle, is a mystery which we hope to solve. She signed the fabric and dated it in 1919, three years before her death in 1922. She had worked at her embroidery for five to seven hours per day. The chair covers, made from the embroidered fabric, are showing the passage of time, both in the wear and tear on the base fabric, and in the fading of what had been vibrant colours of the wool.  Mostly, these chairs are beyond sensible repair.

But help is at hand.

The Worcester and Malvern Decorative and Fine Arts Societies have members who are trained Heritage Volunteers, and they possess the necessary skills not simply to renovate but to recreate these chair covers in all their former glory.  Work will commence on March 30th at  10.30 ,when Hartlebury Castle re-opens to the public after the winter break, the Volunteers will be working in a room open to the public and it will be possible to see them working on Wednesdays most weeks. They have managed to source material that matches the original, together with wools in the original colour.

Lady Carew's Embroideries

The existing chair covers, or some of them, will be carefully mounted and displayed for comparison, and it is hope that there will in the future be some embroidery kits for sale, for those who wish to create  a memory of their visit.

Susan Dolman, Chair, City of Worcester DFAS


Gardening Adventures at Hartlebury Castle

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Mar 082016

The gardening volunteers were particularly adventurous last Saturday.

Hartlebury Castle, boathouse?Hartlebury Castle, gardening

As well as pressing on with demolishing molehills, and edging and pruning, the intrepid Richard and Becky went on a mission to reveal some of Hartlebury’s hidden assets.  Great progress on uncovering steps down to the sunken garden and also access to what is either a boat Hartlebury Castle, gardeninghouse or a smugglers cave (a wild rumour we think…) take a look.

And, as normal, the brambles were well up to standard.

Safety kit, tools and cake provided for all volunteer gardeners. If you can provide 2 or more hours to help out in our garden please email Alison Brimelow.


Scouting for gardeners

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Feb 242016

The first gardening day of the season was enlivened by a group is scouts playing Grandmother’s footsteps in the Carriage Circle on Saturday. It was great to hear the garden so full of children’s voices.Displaying IMG_0163.JPG

Despite the drizzle we made a good start on pruning, notably wisteria and roses. And there was cake 🙂

Hartlebury Castle’s next volunteer gardening day is 5 March. Tools, protective gear and cake provided! 

If you can provide 2 or more hours please email Alison Brimelow.



Hartlebury Castle needs volunteers to help prepare the gardens for Spring

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Feb 132016

Help manage and maintain the gardens to ensure Hartlebury looks beautiful for visitors. Volunteers needed to help with weeding, planting, pruning and other gardening work. An opportunity to get ‘hands-on’ and see the immediate impact of your hard work.


This Worcester News article celebrates the great work done for us by the Severn Valley Railway gang in January. Join us on Saturday February 20th. Tools, protective gear and cake provided!

If you can provide 2 or more hours please email Alison Brimelow.


A donation from the Friends of Hartlebury Village

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Jan 162016

Hartlebury Castle Preservation Trust would like to thank the Friends of Hartlebury for the donation of chairs and equipment. Their generosity will help us generate income to our plans to make Hartlebury Castle into a major heritage attraction.

Chairs and trolley


Scrooge at Hartlebury Castle - in pictures

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Dec 072015

Thank you to Alan Smith and Areley Kings Arts who put  on a production of Scrooge at the Castle on the 4  and 5th of December.  All proceeds were kindly donated to Hartlebury Castle Preservation Trust and will contribute towards securing the future of Hartlebury Castle.

Will Smith’s photographs share the fun we had!

Scrooge being made up

In the green room.

Scrooge, musicians

Fine tuning.

The Great Hall

Ready for the audience.

Table setting

Table setting.


The Areley Kins Arts players in full flow.

Scrooge, audience in the Great Hall

A full house.


From our volunteers - getting ready for spring at Hartlebury Castle

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Nov 082015

Our gardening  volunteers made great progress planting spring bulbs in the Hartlebury Castle’s Carriage Circle last week. Their blog below.

“Two of us started the effort on Thursday in an intermittent drizzle. It is not just a case of popping a few bulbs into the borders, each handful of bulbs needs a patch cleared to plant them in. We had to clear patches in amongst the Jerusalem Sage as the rain got harder.

We were kept amused by children racing each other around the Carriage Circle. Museum staff were encouraging families to come into the circle by challenging children to see how fast they could run round it. So cute… little legs pounding round, dressed in wellies, chasing siblings, but most importantly using Hartlebury Castle to enjoy themselves!

Saturday dawned much more encouragingly and we managed to prepare borders, plant bulbs, tidy up a bit more of the edge of the grass circle, and continue work in the Queen Elizabeth Walk. This was all possible thanks to a great turn out of volunteers.  It was so good to see both new and younger volunteers getting stuck into the work in hand.

The narcissus planting is now almost finished, but there are still plenty of tulips to plant. Hopefully, the narcissi will start to show above ground soon as it will be very difficult to plant tulips until we can see where the spaces are!  One thing is certain, we should have a riot of colour for visitors in the spring.”

 If you would like to volunteer as a gardener please email Alison Brimelow.

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