Heritage Open Days. A busy and fun volunteer experience.

They came in waves, sometimes rolling gently in like ripples at the edge of the sea on a sandy beach, sometimes in great tsunamis that left us gasping for breath – but all day we had a flow visitors through the rooms that were open – through the Great Hall, through the 18th century Saloon, into the Chapel and looking at the exhibits on show from the WW1 scrapbooks and the archives.

Opening Hartlebury Castle for Heritage Open Days gave a lot of people the chance to see rooms that they have never entered before – with a few people getting the chance to peep into the Bishop’s Dining Room in its present incarnation (and gaze in astonishment at the amazing 1960s kitchen..!).

The find of postcards depicting the Great Hall and Saloon in years gone by was a real bonus – and much appreciated by visitors. There was the little girl who told us that she ‘loved the Victorians’ and then talked about them with such knowledge, the baby who gazed in contented astonishment at the decorations on the ceiling of the Saloon, the (many) people who marvelled at the intricacies and workmanship of the recreations of the Georgian costumes on show, and all those who appreciated seeing the wonderful red bishop’s cope (with beautifully starched linen sleeves!) on display in the chapel.

Stewarding for a few hours was fun, allowing us to meet and talk to a wide range of people, and to explain some of the next steps being proposed as we work to bring Hartlebury Castle back to life.

Sue, volunteer steward

If you would like to volunteer as a Room Steward please email Alison Brimelow.

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